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Sacramento Payroll Services offer substantially rich payroll features which support unparalleled capabilities from a payroll solutions teamed with seasoned professionals whether your company has ten employees or a thousand.

Everyday a large number of companies are losing money calculating payroll by hand or using old out-dated punch clocks.  We also realize that a vast number of businesses are looking for new ways to reduce costs and to improve ease of use and to minimize system maintenance. These are key in finding a solution to fit their business. Sacramento Payroll Services is a leading provider in Labor tracking and employee management solutions. You may contact us for a detailed quote, or just basic information regarding these solutions, and you may also watch the videos below for further details.

Time & Attendance

GENESIS PRO a comprehensive full-featured.

TA100 PRO offers a simple but powerful approach or try TA100.

BIOMETRICS the latest in technology utilizing fingerprint or facial recognition instead of old badges and swipe cards.

Other Time and Attendance options available from Sacramento Payroll Solutions.

Human Resources
Our staff at Sacramento Payroll Services provides the highest quality payroll and human resource information and technology, backed by a dedicated and personal support team. The information that is here will help you manage your most valuable asset: Your Employees.

In our HR Support Center you will be able to read Articles, download a handbook, forms and job descriptions, and research both Laws and a database that has answers to your employment legal and relationship questions. For More Info Contact Us or watch the videos for more detailed information.

Human Resource Options.   Human Resources Video.



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